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The Game supports english and german translation

Note: The Erdogan Simulator 2016 is a satirical game and (almost) everything is meant to be a joke. The game is not 100% finished and the english translation may not be 100% accurate. There currently only are 13 random events because i don't have much time to work on the game. Help me finish the game and suggest a random event here or help me with the english translation here The game only supports 16:10 and 16:9 aspect ratios(i'll work on it) and is only aviable for windows(i'll work on that too)!!!

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The Erdogan Simulator 2016 brings the whole "erdogan feeling" to your home. You play president Erdogan and you have a country to lead. Every few (ingame) days a random(fictional) or real(existend) event occurs and you have to decide how you'll act. For example(adapted from the game):

Someone organized a 'Freedom of the press' demonstration. Do you:

-Bash the 'riot' with tear gas and water cannons
-Just make sure that it won't escalate(huge amount of police on the streets)
-Let them demonstrate
-or Hold a speech about how important freedom of press is

But only making decisions without fearing consequences whould be too easy.
There are 4 "levels" you have to recognize while making a decision.

-How much the EU is trying to bootlick you (gameover if at 0%)
-How high the freedom of speech/press is (gameover if at 100%)
-How many refugees are in your country (gameover if at 100%)
-and your "Erdolevel" (gameover if at 0%)

Every decision has a different impact on the 4 levels. Bashing the 'riot' whould reduce the freedom of speech/press in your country and increase your erdolevel... But the EU whould not like your decision and is less likely to bootlick you. And that's the game. You have to "survive" as long as possible without having a level at a critical state. And the longer you "survive" the more Erdopoints you get. (Erdopoints describe how long you've survived and how "well" you've lead your country(my personal highscore is ~8000 erdopoints))

How long will you survive beeing erdogan? Find out now!!!

The game itself is free. You can pay money for the game and support me and the development what whould be very nice <3 (15% of your payment goes to Itch.io)


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Interesting. Really need something to do while waiting though (spinning flag, switching channels...)